Wireless digital TV antenna

July 22, 2016
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Whole house coverage wireless Full HD sender

  • Watch HDTV anywhere in your home, without pulling any cabling!
  • Connect up to two HDMI sources* and transmit the signal wirelessly.
  • Plug & Play! Uses your existing power network and eliminates the need to lay cables.


Single floor wireless Full HD + 3D sender

  • Connect, split and replace your HDMI cable wirelessly
  • Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all 3D formats.
  • The HD signal does not experience any delays and is therefore perfect for game consoles.
  • Sends the HD signal uncompressed.
  • Single-floor solution.


Single room wireless Full HD + 3D sender

  • Replace your HDMI cable wirelessly
  • Locate your HDTV or projector wherever you want.
  • Single-room solution.


Digital wireless sender for all your digital TV channels

  • Watch digital TV far away from the decoder
  • Watch and operate the digital TV channels from your decoder anywhere.
  • Retain original sound and picture quality as a result of digital transmission.


5.8GHz Wireless audio/video sender

  • No distortion from devices such as microwave ovens, wireless (WiFi) networks, Bluetooth, etc. by using the 5.8 GHz frequency band.
  • Mount the receiver (out of sight) behind your TV or on the ceiling next to your projector.
Source: www.marmitek.com
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