TV over the air signal map

August 1, 2022
Severe Weather Antenna Guide

Step 1. Enter Address below: For Most Accurate Results Enter the Street Address, City and State where you will install the TV Antenna. You can also search by City and State only Or You Can Search by Zip Code only.
Note: Exclude PO Box, Mailbox, APT# and avoid using characters, such as @, #, *, etc.

Step 2. Click "Map This"

Note: You will receive 2 to 3 times the Green, Yellow and Red channels listed below. Every Station has 1-5 substations, which are not listed below, as well as the station listed. So, For Example, if you see 20 Stations listed in Green, Yellow and Red. Then you will receive 40-60 stations total.

Step 3. Scroll Down to see the Results.

Tips: 1. Just Below the Map You can Change Antenna Height - 2. Click on the Dot next to the stations to see Colored Coverage Maps. - 3. Scroll to the bottom of page for the "Legend" to help you decipher the color meanings.

Note: The Rotating Outdoor TV Antennas at will Receive all Green, Red and Yellow Signal Strengths. We recommend the Omni Directional Antennas only for people with lots of Green and some Yellow.

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