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August 30, 2022
Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor
Finally found a TV antenna that works Posted by: KCSweek from: on Mohu is a good brand that comes recommended, but their Leaf 30 didn't work for us. There is a noticeable difference between the 30 and the 50, because the 50 mostly works for us. With TV antennas you want to buy the cheapest one that works for you. We live in a neighborhood with some 3-story buildings and tall trees, but everybody's situation is different! The other useful piece of info I figured out while testing 5 different antennas, was that for my house I'm probably going to need a signal booster. Hang the antenna in a good spot and plug it right into a TV and I get perfect reception. But plug the TV into a coax outlet, which runs out to the splitter in my garage, and then back to the TV, and reception is significantly worse. Long story short this antenna picks signals out of the air just great, but my house's coax cables are just too long and will need some extra boost.

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solid antenna Posted by: spartyb16 from: on We were only getting a handful of channels before buying this Mohu Leaf. We now have three times as many channels, but I am slightly disappointed that a few towers within 50 miles are not being picked up. We really should be getting a few more channels, but this might be a bit of a mix between poor signal strength from the towers, the Mohu, and our location. As for the physical characteristics, the Mohu is light weight, easy to place around the tv with the bit of kit that comes with it, and it blends in well just about anywhere since you have the choice of a white or black side. It is a bit on the expensive side for an indoor amplified antenna, but I think we ultimately got what we paid for.

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Exceeded my expectations Posted by: Mark from: on I recently ditched my cable provider, as I was tired of paying a fortune for a bunch of channels I never watched. After a couple of weeks, I found there were a few broadcast network shows I really missed watching. I thought I'd take a shot and give this antenna a try. First of all, setup couldn't have been simpler. My expectations were low, as I was expecting poor picture quality to really show up on my 4k Ultra HD TV, I was very pleasantly surprised when all of the local stations showed up, and with extremely good picture and sound quality. I actually can't see a difference between the quality now and as it was when I had cable. I was paying around $180 a month for cable, so I consider the one-time cost of this antenna ($69) to be a tremendous value.

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So easy Posted by: dan444 from: on Simple to use, go online and put in your ZIP code @, figure out whether it is worth it for you. I put mine up on the wall and got 34 channels for free! AND in HD! And each channel has a little text on it as it tunes, most of the time its title, date released, etc, all helpful! I was amazed and cut my cable bill in half. This product is easy to set up, and comes with everything, even the little pins to hang it up! Seriously, figure out which one you need (distance from services) go to Best Buy, buy it, read the little paper and in like 5 minutes you're up and running. SO easy, works perfect, exactly what I needed!!

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Very Disappointing Posted by: SteveInAtl from: on I read the reviews of this product and was very surprised at how poor this antenna is. The first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is how cheap the materials are. It says "Premium materials components and cables" right on the box. What a joke! They use cheap RG59 cable, when any quality product would use quad shield RG6 at a minimum. The "amplifier" weighs almost nothing, and I question what's really inside it since it measured no difference on my signal meter. Regardless, I tried it in several locations and it actually pulled in fewer stations than a free rabbit-ear antenna that came with my TV. I called Mohu's technical support, and they were nice enough and made a couple of suggestions, but nothing that worked. I seriously question if any of these positive reviews actually compare this antenna to another one, because if they did, this one would score pretty low. It's just an overpriced piece of garbage. I will be returning it and cannot recommend it to anyone.

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Excellent Value! Posted by: KenF from: on This antenna has been operating during some of the wetest weather Houston can throw our way!. Very few interruptions for weather or high wind. I will purchase another one in the future for our other sets. Great picture quality too!

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WOW! The best picture I have ever seen! Posted by: Lisa13 from: Atlanta GA on I recently decided to "cut the cord" using my ROKU and an HDTV antenna to see if I could save $ and live with it. I did some research before purchasing a Winegard Flatwave Amplified antenna from Home Depot. It was a piece of garbage. Very flimsy and I only received 12 channels. I returned it and did further research and found the MOHU Leaf 50. I found out that MOHU was the inventor of the "paper thin" antenna. I received the Leaf 50 today. It took 5 minutes to hook up and complete a channel scan as directed. After my experience with Winegard I could not believe my eyes!! I received 43 channels! The picture quality is perfect. I am happy I didn't give up after the Winegard experience.this $69 purchase is going to save me about $900 a year! Thank you Best Buy and Mohu!
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