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January 3, 2021
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As our regular readers have probably noticed, we’ve been busy here at Roku since my last blog post on free channels! This past December we surpassed 2, 000 available streaming channels in the U.S. Roku Channel Store – hundreds of which are free and feature great entertainment of all kinds. You’re likely already streaming some of the more popular free channels including YouTube, Pandora, PBS, PBS Kids, Crackle, VEVO and many others, but with channels being added to the Roku platform every week, there’s always a new streaming channel to discover. Read on below to learn about some free channels you may have missed over the last few months.

Top Free Roku Channel Store

I’m a news junkie myself, so these channels are always streaming at my desk in the office. All three of these channels stream live, anchored news, as well as on-demand access to top stories, 24/7.

The ABC News channel provides in-depth reports, ABC Digital New Originals, Good Morning America segments, local news from several major markets and more.

With the Bloomberg TV+ channel, you not only receive live news 24-hours a day, but you can easily switch between the U.S., Europe or Asia live news feed. Select the options button (*) to choose a region.

The CBS News channel gives you access to news on-demand as well as segments from popular CBS news shows including 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, Face the Nation and more.

I can spend hours watching the fascinating footage on these free streaming channels.

The unique, action-packed videos you’ve come to love from the GoPro community are available free on the GoPro channel. From music to motorsports, there’s something to pique anyone’s interest captured in beautiful HD video.

Add the Red Bull TV channel to stream Red Bull’s thrilling live sporting events, lifestyle programming, and on-demand video.

  • For the gamers (and videogame spectators!): and Twitch channels

The channel delivers the best in competitive gaming/eSports video programming from Major League Gaming (MLG).

And with the Twitch channel, you can watch the most popular broadcasts of the day, browse live broadcasts by the games you love and follow your favorite Twitch broadcasters.

Counting down the days until the NFL season kick off? The NFL Now channel’s “Most Popular” feed is free to view and will give you non-stop NFL news and insider footage – a football fan’s dream! For NFL super fans, an additional $1.99/month gets you access to tons of on-demand NFL Network content such as A Football Life.

It’s easy to find the latest news for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, Golf and more with the Sports Illustrated channel. It also includes SI Now, a feature that discusses the latest issues in sports with experts, athletes and celebrities.

And there’s even a free channel to tell you about other channels! For anyone looking for the next channel to add to your Roku player or Roku TV model, Roku Recommends is for you. Our host, Ellen Fox, will share the latest and greatest streaming channels, hottest movies and TV shows, Roku tips and much more.

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