What is the best Indoor digital antenna?

August 12, 2022
HD Digital HDTV Antenna

To define which digital aerial offers the best TV reception for your situation, first and most important to know is your distance from the nearest transmitter. You can use the aerial advisor with postcode checker to find the nearest transmitter from your location immediately. It will also advise you which aerials are suitable.

Indoor or outdoor aerial

There are basically two options to choose from: an indoor aerial or an outdoor aerial. How to choose?

Indoor aerial

If you live within a 15 miles radius of the nearest transmitter, you can choose to have an indoor or outdoor aerial. Both will have optimal reception, but an indoor aerial is definitely easier to install as you don’t have to mount it. Do always check specifications to see the exact reach of each indoor aerial as there are aerials with a reach of 3 miles, 9 miles and 15 miles.

Outdoor aerial

If you live in a 15 to 30 miles radius of the nearest transmitter, you should use an outdoor aerial for crystal clear reception. Most common outdoor aerials are the Yagi aerials, but there are more easy to mount and more modern looking outdoor aerials as well. Do always check individual product specifications as reach may differ from 15 miles up to 30 miles.

DVB-T, DVB-T2, DAB+ and Freeview signal

What else should you be aware of when buying a digital aerial?

DVB-T / Freeview TV

Current standard for TV signals is DVB-T, including Freeview. In the near future, the standard will be updated to DVB-T2 with increased quality like HDTV and 3D. When buying an aerial nowadays, it is recommended to purchase a future proof aerial that is ready for DVB-T2. All One For All aerials are ready for DVB-T2.

LTE interference

The mobile telephone networks 4G/LTE partly use the same bandwidth as DVB-T and therefore might create interference that dilutes the clearness of the signal. One For All aerials have a build-in LTE/4G filter to take away this interference, ensuring crystal clear reception. Please make sure to check specifications to find out if the aerial has a build-in 4G/LTE filter.

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