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August 21, 2019
High Quality Digital Hdtv
Good HD antenna for the money Posted by: ereif from: Madison, WI on After setting the antenna up, I was pleasantly surprised with receiving over twenty channels. After clearing out the religious channels, I still get 18 channels worth watching, 5 are in HD. Everything except the ABC channels come in reliably. I live with in 40 miles of three transmitters that broadcast a network signal. 2 of the 3 transmitters are with in 10 miles of my location, including the one that broadcast those ABC channels. Not sure why, but I get a better signal from a tower almost 40 miles away than the one that I can see from my back yard. Have tried moving the antenna around in the room with no real change in reception. Other than that, not a bad unit for the price. I think the picture quality on the HD channels rivals what I was paying for with cable.

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Great TV reception for a great price. Posted by: SunriseHealer from: on I hardly ever watch TV, so don't have or want cable. However, I am something of a "political junkie, " and this device enabled me to watch the Republican and Democratic national political conventions in July. This simple, thin plastic square gets great over-the-air TV reception. It was on sale for $25; sure beats paying the cable people every month.

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I can get a few channels Posted by: CinematicFanatic from: Michigan on I am located around a lot trees but I know once I adjust the position I will get a good amount of channels. I don't need cable because I can get up to 11 regular and local channels. My friend and his wife were over and asked If I had cable and I told them no this is just the antenna. Now they are going to get one and end their cable service.

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Doesn't Pick up channel NBC 5 Posted by: Sassy from: on I was looking for an affordable antenna to watch NFL games. The representative was very professional but stated that this antenna could lay flat and didn't have to be hung very high or in a window. I ask that very question because I tested an older more thin plastic type model that a family member owned.Although it picked up all regular stations The only way it didn't freeze up my stations was when it was hung very high and in the window. I decided to purchase this model as it seem to be a more advance up to date current model and based upon the rep feedback. After purchasing, I did a search for all analog & digital stations and it still doesn't pick up NBC channel 5. It has been repositioned higher and over a picture frame but it still freezes up, constantly juggling with it. It appears I will have to move my furniture where the tv sits next to the window to determine if it picks up channel 5. I still contemplating returning exchanging it. I don't like the way it has to be hung, looks horrible. Cut the cord! Posted by: Brad from: on I ditched Time Warner after years of raising my rates and poor customer service in Favor of Playstation Vue. The only thing you don't get with that service is local networks live (primetime programming is available the next day on demand though). So I picked up this little antennae to get the local channels live for sports, etc. To my surprise not only can I pick up the four major networks, but I'm getting about 20 channels total over the air, most of which in HD. Its ok Posted by: DoctorDoom from: on I directly tested the Mohu Leaf 30 and this RCA unit. The Mohu leaf works better. I will say that the RCA did look nice and you can sit it on a table or mount it on the wall. I think it looked nicer actually. If you have a strong signal, and you prefer this look, its will do the job. I live in LA with lots of building and obstructions and it is not quite strong enough for what i need. I returned it. Awesome Posted by: Cat1 from: on This antenna works great!!! I was told that it needs to lay flat, but that is not true. At first we didn't get ABC, but then we tilted it against the wall and now we have ABC. It doesn't lose reception at all. I am very pleased with this product.

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Great Antenna Posted by: BillytheKid from: on Definitely the digital antenna everyone should get. Don't waste money on more expensive boosted ones. This one is perfect. It picked up all the channels I wanted and then some. Good as it can be Posted by: ncapkev from: on Bought this for bedroom TV knowing that we would only get ABC & PBS in our town (ABC being the one we wanted) so we could take back spectrum set top box - they charge for each box. We added a Roku stick and kept main TV on cable with box. No complaints, we didn't expect much and got what we expected. Bigger cities may get more channels than we do.

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Wish it worked Posted by: Yehoshua from: on I returned my leaf metro(which worked fine but there were channels it didn't pick up) to pick up the next step in the leaf antenna, BB didn't have it so I picked up this RCA antb25 from what the box shows on the back it has a 60 mile radius. Hahaha RCA punked me cause this thing didn't pick up not one channel and I tried for about a hour in different positions even tried hanging it outside. I recommended the Leaf by Mohu.

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