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November 9, 2019
The WallTenna is a flat
Average 50 Mile Range Directional HD Antenna Posted by: mccabedoug from: on This is a directional antenna with an average range of 50 miles. It works best from a window pointed toward your nearby city's broadcast antennas. It also works best the higher up it is placed from ground level, as I am in a second floor apartment and if I move it slightly down from the top of the window I lose some channels. Do not rely on the self adhesive to stick to the window or to a wall, but try to feed it through a venetian blind or over a curtain rod for support. Yes, you do need to have the TV near a window and also an additional AC plug to use the AC adapter for additional power, which does work. If you do not have clear line of sight to the broadcast antennas, you are going to get marginal reception, again depending on how much you are pushing that 50 mile range limitation.

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Very simple antenna with amazing results Posted by: rays1175 from: on I was very surprised at how well this worked for me. All I did was hang it up on the wall and did the channel scan and got 15 channels that came in perfect here in central Maine. usually indoor antennas don't work here in Maine, but this one was just like a outdoor antenna I use to own. I highly recommend this antenna :)

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The best one I tried Posted by: JRMachine from: San Dimas, CA on this antenna didn't work as well as I wanted it to but I think I had unrealistic expectations for it. I've discovered that we live in a generally poor reception area and after trying multiple antennas this one did work the best but still wasn't good enough for me. I had flash backs to the old bunny ears days, yelling at the dogs and kids to hold still when the picture was clear.

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Easy to use antenna gets all channels in HD Posted by: Orange12 from: on This antenna is very easy to set up and install. My favorite part about it is the sure grip technology that attaches the antenna to a window or wall. It was very easy to place and stays exactly where you want it with a secure grip. I get all the channels from Providence to Boston in 1080HD. It looks great on my 60 inch tv. I'm extremely happy with this purchase.

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Great Product Posted by: TXhog from: on I've been using this for about a month now, and it's been great. I live in Austin, about 10 miles south of the broadcasting hub. The antenna is on a window that faces north (toward the signal). My neighborhood has a lot of trees (including several large trees right in front of the antenna). And oddly enough for Austin, we've had a good amount of rain since I bough the antenna. With all of that, the picture is extremely crisp. No lag between audio and video. I pick up all of the major networks, PBS, and a few other broadcast channels. Even during rain, the signal is strong. At first the signal seemed very weak, but I soon realized why. After setting up your antenna, you need to have your TV scan through all the channels ("auto program"). After doing this, my signal was much stronger and very reliable. I can also use the "guide" button to see what's on, just like you would with cable or satellite. See also:
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