Best Indoor antenna for analog TV

May 27, 2020
Digital Indoor TV Antenna

This is the tricky part, where consumer's have and will make the most mistakes.

VHF channels 2 - 13 UHF channels 14 - 69

FACT: Not all digital/HDTV stations will be broadcast on the UHF frequency band, channels 14 through 69, many will broadcast on the VHF frequency band channels 2 through 13.

Many TV markets across the United States currently have VHF digital/HDTV stations and even more stations will broadcast on the VHF band after the analog shutdown in February of 2009. The VHF broadcast band is channels 2 through 13 and the UHF band is channels 14 through 69.

What is the best HDTV antenna ? is the question most asked by our visitors

If your looking for the best performing digital/HDTV antenna system for the very weakest signal areas then that's simple. The HD Stacker antenna along with the proper preamplifier is best. This antenna inch for inch will provide the best possible VHF/UHF digital/HDTV reception for weak signal areas.

Most of the new compact antennas claiming to be digital/HDTV antennas are UHF antennas or at least they perform very poorly on VHF and should only be used in areas where the VHF digital/HD signals are very strong and where the UHF signals are reasonably strong. VHF channel signals are lower frequencies and UHF channel frequencies are higher frequencies. The lower the channel number the lower the frequency. The wave length of the VHF band is much longer than the UHF band, the waves are much farther apart, less frequent. To maximize the reception performance of these longer wave length of the VHF channels requires a larger TV antenna. The longer wave lengths of the VHF band go right past compact antennas with very little signal captured.

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