DTV converter box Walmart

August 1, 2021
DTV converter box walmart
Vouchers for DTV converter boxes now available from the U.S. governmentOn Tuesday the first vouchers for converter boxes that make it possible for owners of analog TVs to watch Digital TV (DTV) became available from the U.S. government. The vouchers are intended for people who watch Over The Air (OTA) broadcasts. There's a limit of two vouchers per household. The vouchers are good for up to $40 towards the purchase of a converter box, which aren't necessary for anyone watching either cable or satellite television. The boxes are expected to retail for between $50 and $70.

Of the available vouchers, the first 22 million are available both to U.S. residents who only receive OTA broadcasts and those who have cable or satellite service, but also receive OTA broadcasts on at least on analog TV in their household. The other 11.5 million are reserved for households where only OTA broadcasts are being viewed. Households with cable or satellite service are Limited to just a single voucher.

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