DTV Cable box

March 17, 2022
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Analog TVs require a DTV converter to display digital cable channels.If your television set is not digital-ready, you probably will need to install a DTV converter box if you want to receive a digital cable signal. Even though many cable companies continue to offer many channels via an analog signal, many channels that are offered in a basic cable package will require the DTV converter in order to be viewed on an analog television set. These converter boxes are available from your cable company.

Step 1

Connect the cable from the wall to the "Cable In" connection on the back of the DTV converter box.

Step 2

Attach a short length of cable to the connection on the back of the converter box labeled "Cable Out" or "To TV." This cable should have come with your converter box.

Step 3

Attach the other end of the short cable to the connector on the back of the television set labeled "Cable In" or "RF In."

Step 4

Set the switch on the back of the converter box to "Channel 3."

Step 5

Plug in the converter box and turn it on.

Step 6

Turn on your television and change it to channel 3.

Step 7

Contact your cable company and have them activate your converter box. You will need your account information and the serial number of the converter box. Most cable companies allow you to activate your converter through their website or by using an automated telephone system.

Step 8

Wait several minutes (or longer) for the service to activate.

Step 9

Use the remote control that came with the converter box to change channels once the service activates. Leave the television on channel 3.


  • In some parts of the country, you must set the converter box and the television to channel 4 instead of channel 3.
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