Digital Television transmitter

January 8, 2020
Terrestrial Digital

TV Transmitters DBT Series is realized with the new HI-ADC technology.

Using latest generation LDMOS RF devices with ultra-linear characteristics, higher performances have been obtained for digital television:

  • Higher modulation quality.
  • Higher RMS output power in digital operations compared to previous technologies.
  • Extremely low heating due to increased efficiency.
  • High safety devices from load mismatch.

TV Transmitters DBT Series High efficiency "Doherty" amplification

TV transmitter DBT Series can be equipped with high efficiency Doherty amplification, option DHT option, to increase overall efficiency over 40%.

High Quality Digital Performances

  • Shoulder attenuation > 38 dB.
  • M.E.R. > 35 dB.
  • Output frequency response ± 0.5 dB.

TV Transmitters DBT Series Control logic unit

A powerful control logic unit allows a complete control of the transmitter through front panel LCD display. In case of remote control option, a complete control through WEB (including Web Server) and/or SNMP is available.

Measures and alarm indications on front panel

User friendly interface with LCD display and pushbuttons for an easy setup of all parameters:

  • Forward and reflected power.
  • Supply voltage and absorbed current of each single pallet.
  • Internal heat-sink temperature.
  • Alarm indication for VSWR, over-temperature, overdrive.

Trimmers available from the front panel to adjust the threshold of:

  • Overdrive protection.
  • VSWR protection.

TV Transmitters DBT Series Complete remote control system

TV transmitter DBT Series has an extremely complete Web server, SNMP, GSM or SMS remote control system, available as option.

Air cooling

TV Transmitters DBT Series oversized air cooling system widely extends transistor life.

The amplifier modules are equipped with external redundant fans to allow easy and fast cleaning, or eventual replacement, without opening or removing any module and without interrupting the transmitter operation.

Liquid Cooling
An oversize heat exchanger, single or double*, suitable for outdoor or indoor installation, and equipped with single or double* pump system for maximum redundancy, is the main component of the powerful liquid cooling system.
FM Transmitter PFG Series liquid cooling system assures high reliability, cooling efficiency and easy installation, thanks to the special design of liquid cooled heat-sinks inside the amplifier and low pressure liquid distribution. This system is designed to successfully face every hard climate condition.

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