Digital Television adapter

April 16, 2022
Going all digital

Rogers Cable provides the DTA50 digital adapter to customers who still use older analog televisions that lack digital signal decoding capabilities. However, the adapter itself remains the property of Rogers Cable, and there may be a fee assessed for its use. These fees can add up to substantial costs for owners of multiple analog televisions, as an adapter is required for each television connected to cable in a home. The use of these adapters is necessary due to Rogers Cable switching from an analog signal to a digital signal for all of its cable channels.

Some customers of other cable systems have been able to circumvent the need to pay a fee for the use of digital adapters by requesting a CableCARD adapter from their service provider. This card is inserted into a set-top box purchased separately and used to decode the cable signal. This is not an option for Rogers Cable customers, however, as Rogers does not currently support CableCARD technology.

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