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August 18, 2022

Easy to connect Optical Audio to an older AV Unit Posted by: dfalzone1 from: Williamsville, NY on I was looking for an easy way to connect my new Smart TV optical TSOiink audio to an RCA A / V Unit. The Dynex unit was inexpensive and connected to my older RCA Cables that went from the TV to the an RCA cable based A / V unit. There is a noticeable 50 millisecond delay when the TV and A / V unit sound are oin together. An easy fix? I now shut off the sound on my TV and use the the A / V unit only. Problem fixed. I do however get chatter/static when using Netflix on the TV through the A / V Unit. All my other Smart TV features work fine. .

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Worked great w/ Panasonic TV & wireless headphones Posted by: MP37 from: on I bought this so I could use wireless headphones with my Panasonic TC-L42D30 TV. That TV only has digital audio output via an optical audio port, so I could not just connect the headphones to it. I have tested the setup with the following video/audio sources on the TV, and they all work: - Cable TV - Netflix through VieraCast - Youtube through VieraCast - Blu-ray player connected via HDMI (just set the audio output of the blu-ray player to be PCM) - Chromecast'ing a browser tab from a Windows laptop There weren't any complicated settings that needed to be changed to make this work (other than the audio output on the Blu-ray player).

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Worked really well Posted by: KathiL from: Rochester, NY on Used to connect Apple TV to Sony wireless headphones which I bought for my mother who is hard of hearing. The TV has no audio output and anyway my parents wanted to watch together. So the Apple TV is connected to their TV with an HDMI cable, and the Apple TV is connected to the Digital Audio Converter (DAC) with an Optical (Toslink) cable, and the headphones are connected to the DAC with a standard audio cable (with the red and white ends) and the sound comes out of the headphones and the TV. Much easier and cheaper ($25 for the DAC and $17 for the Toslink) than getting an amplifier/receiver.

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Great accessory for headphones for a Smart TV Posted by: mop203 from: Indianola, Ia on I have been wanting a pair of headphone to use with my smart TV since I live in an apartment and don't want to bother neighbor's. I was told by a sales person at best buy that I need the coax/audio cable to attache to the TV in the optical output then into my headphones. I sure saved a bunch of money which I probable would still would have had to buy this accessory. It work's marvelous. Thank you sales person who knew what I wanted. It never hurts to ask.

Good Product and does what is says it will. Posted by: Localsiding from: CA on I purchased this converter to connect a pair of wireless head phones to my Television. I needed this to convert the optical output on the TV to the analog receiver/transmitter of the headphones. This works very well and I have had no problems to date.

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Finally Posted by: AnalogAggie from: B-CS Texas on Finally I can hook my flat screen up to my 1972 Kenwood receiver and my modern Polk speakers. I have not found any modern amp that sounds as good. Afterall real sound is analog not digital.

Works great easy to use Posted by: magnarider2012 from: Breezewod, PA on I have this hooked up to my XBOX One. I have an older surround sound system that only has the red/white AV hookup. This is converting the optical sound signal from the XBOX One and sending it to my my older analog sound system. It also has a reverse option on it as well and you can make it convert analog to optical as well. There is a switch on the side of it that controls the conversion, if your converting optical to analog you switch it to the optical side, if your converting analog to optical you switch it to the analog side. I can now listen to my XBOX One on my old sound system.

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This device is awesome! Posted by: Lurtzloverorc from: on I had to buy this audio converter box because we have an older Bose 321 system. There's nothing wrong with the system but it's not meant to connect to the newer devices. Bought a new blu ray player and its sound wire was an optical connection. The 321 doesn't accommodate that. So I consulted with the experts and they said this is what I needed. I didn't believe it but I said what the heck, if it doesn't work I'll return it. It works fantastic! It doesn't compromise the sound at all. And the best part, I used reward certificates for it so I didn't pay anything out of pocket for it. Certainly not $1500 for a new Bose system!

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Great adapter Posted by: pbear from: on Bought this adapter to use surround sound with my ps4. Read some bad reviews but have to say I've had nothing but good luck with it. Works like detailed.

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works great - easy setup - would be 5 but. Posted by: paulf from: on Product is as advertised. easy set-up - I probably would have given it a 5 if they had stated up front that the digital audio cable was not included. It was only a $3-4 cost, but a pain if you did not know you needed it until you started set-up. Not whining because I looked at what was (and was Not) included so I was prepared. Others who do not read carefully might not be so forgiving.

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