Analog to digital converter boxes

November 24, 2018
How Digital to Analog TV

I got a coupon to purchase these boxes. I went to said Best Buy Store. I went with my coupon on the last day (due day). I am a busy person, work, so I had in my daily log the date marked in red ink so that I would not go over the due date. On that day, I went to buy the box, left home at 8 pm. Store was to close at 9 pm. I arrived to the store, looked amongst the different types and decided on one, walked to the register and waited in line. Coupon said, expires on XX day. It was 8:55 when I reached the register. The cashier begun doing some calculations and then proceeded to process my coupon. Suddenly she said, "This is strange. Your coupon says it is due today but the computer says it is expired." "No way, " I said, "it is 9 pm as we speak, on due date." So we called the 800 number on the coupon and I was told that I was out of luck because although living in California, the time used on coupons is the eastern standard time!

I was livid. We live on Pacific Standard Time here in CA, but the government, I can see, rips off as many people as it can with that scam about eastern standard time, two thirds of the nation could easily get ripped off. I was told I could not get a new coupon. Once you are issued on, that is it. Then, the dorky box broke down. It would not turn on, stays on off ( red light as opposed to green). It does not respond to manual or remote commands. Best Buy says it does not sell boxes anymore and will not take it back or exchange it.

What a rip off. I can see the government is trying to steer us all into purchasing cable or satellite TV service, which is not regulated and hence, those sharks charge a lot of money, not even allowing the customer to choose his/her own channels. It would take 2 or 3 "packages" to be able to get the few channels you really want to see. These boxes last only a few months, break down and there is no warranty on said boxes. Stores refused to take them back. Coupons are recanted based on eastern standard time requirements imposed on central and west coast citizens, and the digital signal is worse than analog, with channel reception falling off the air constantly.

Who cares? The government makes money out from taxes and fees on cable and satellite TV, so this scam was geared to rid the coffers from us, people that watched TV without feeding the cable/satellite industry. Thanks to the greed and collusion that the government and private business have created!

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