Rabbit ears antenna HDTV

August 26, 2022
Rabbit ears sit on top of

Actually... my interest in amplifiers only went so far as guessing that the amplifiers they're selling in 'normal' stores weren't at all worth it. For the moment, anyway.

I spent a while trying in vain to convince that other person that maybe an antenna mounted outside the window (only one outer wall for the bedroom) might not be a bad thing... even if I'd probably end up running cables along two of the walls and through the window.

One of the reasons I can't mount an external antenna is because we've already got DirecTV running through the house antenna line... if there was a way I could still connect regular antennas to the house jacks and use them as such, I'd probably be happier.

Just for the sake of testing, I went ahead and bought that RCA antenna (on sale at Best Buy for $20). I'll admit I was assuming that something selling for $30, normally, would be powered. It still performed better than I was expecting, though; after running it through several different positions and channel rescans, it managed to pull in 25 stations at best, once I set it against the outer wall - from among the 28 stations I normally get with the powered rabbit ears.
It also was strangely a bit weak on channels 58.1 and 58.2, no matter where I positioned the RCA antenna, where I never really had a problem with reception on that channel before.

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