High power HDTV antenna

December 22, 2016
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This antenna design grew out of my attempts to build an indoor HDTV antenna using fractal patterns after I had watched a TV show and had read a magazine article on the use of fractal patterns in cell phone antennas, My goal was to design an antenna that not only worked well, but one that was easy to build and could be built from easiliy obtainable materials.

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The result is an antenna that is somewhat omnidirectional, and performs well receiving digital TV signals at my home from the low end of the VHF high-band (i.e Channel 7 at 174 MHZ) to the high end of the 600 MHz UHF band. (There are no channels in the 700 MHz band in my area, but Channel 51 at 692 MHz is one of the strongest signals here.)

This antenna can be used at a maximum line-of-site distance from the broadcast tower of about 50 miles for high power stations, and somewhat less for low power stations. I'm sorry that I can't be more definite about these distances, but a lot depends upon the type of construction used in the building and the location of the antenna within the building (e.g. downstairs living room vs. second story bedroom or attic).

Source: www.instructables.com
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