HDTV antenna Tuner

December 13, 2021
HDTV Antenna Indoor - 50 Mile

Tablo is a 4-Tuner Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR for Cord-Cutters using HDTV antennas to legally access free broadcast TV signals. Browse, record and stream up to four live and recorded HDTV programs on any device, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Check out this video explaining how the Tablo OTA DVR helps you dump your expensive and frustrating cable commitment without losing the DVR features you love.

Tablo is a Whole-Home DVR for Cord-Cutters

Unlike traditional DVRs that are tethered to a single TV with an HDMI cable, Tablo does not feature an HDMI connection. Tablo is a whole-home-DVR and placeshifter combined that connects to your local network over WiFi or Ethernet to stream live and recorded HDTV content to all the connected devices inside your home or anywhere you have high-speed internet.

Check out this video explaining how to set up and use your Tablo OTA DVR to enjoy your Free HDTV both inside and outside your home.

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