HDTV antenna locations

July 11, 2022
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EZ HD antennaNOTE: The Atlanta TV stations reception map above is based on the use of the EZ HD and HD Stacker TV antennas installed in an outdoor location at an elevation of 20 feet above ground using proper signal amplification when required. Antennas located indoors such as attics etc. or if improper signal amplification is in use will likely experience reduced reception range. Antennas installed at an elevation greater then 20 feet above ground will likely experience increased reception range and antennas installed less then 20 feet above ground will likely experience reduced reception range. The closer the antenna installation site is to the transmitters (star the lower the antenna can be installed to the ground.

EZ HD = Green Circle

HD Stacker = Blue Circle

I want to thank all of our customer's who have and continue to contribute reception reports from the Atlanta area.
You have helped create a very reliable DTV reception map for the entire Atlanta TV station viewing area.

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