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May 5, 2016
Top Rated Indoor Tv Antennas
Does what I needed it to do Posted by: dahaase from: on Recently, I got rid of cable TV in favor of streaming services. However, I still wanted access to local stations (since those come at no charge). Setup was pretty straightforward. Just plug the coaxial cable into the TV, and wallah. Attaching the antenna to the stand was also easy. Just slip it between the stand notches. No screws, no pins, and it seems to stay secure in the stand. Picture quality seems good. Reception for local stations is very consistent and clear with no noticeable static (however, this could change if stations were closer to the max range of this antenna, and I am lucky as I live within 10 miles of the major local stations). Appearance wise, it looks plain, which works for my living room (I am not an interior designer). It does stick out, but it doesn't look bad for me. The antenna is thin enough that, if you wanted to hide it, you could possibly stick it behind a TV or other object on your entertainment center. It does come with a sticky pad-thing, so you can mount it on your wall (which I would never do as I fear paint being peeled off), the back of the TV, or back of the entertainment center. Overall, I am satisfied with the antenna. It does what I needed it to do.

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Cable Cutting Requirement Posted by: TexasRose from: on Put this behind my son's 32" Panasonic in his nursery. Got all the local channels in what is usually a pretty poor area in terms of reception. Used the adhesive pads to stick it to the back of the television in case it needs to be used in another room when a storm knocks out the Directv. Several other employees purchased the same antenna and are just as pleased with it.

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Yeah buddy Posted by: KingMoney from: on The day of no cable bill is here with this device, I got over 109 channels plus about 40 HD channels if you don't want to pay cablend anymore pick this up

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Upgrade from the rabbit ears Posted by: AOPisaac from: on After reading other reviews for this type of antenna, I went for the Rocketfish. It wasn't the cheapest, but it was far from the most expensive. I'm pretty happy with the fact that I'm getting more than twice the number of channels than with my rabbit ears & less digital noise/breakdown. I'm using a 50" flatscreen and some channels are in perfect HD. I get 24 stations, most of which come in uninterrupted.

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Great antenna Posted by: Hooper45 from: on I just moved an got a great deal on this antenna. It picks up clear channels. Highly recommend!

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Does the job Posted by: Saprtbum from: on Have been using this product since I cut the cable cord with Time Warner. I can watch my local channels and if I miss any I just stream Netflix or Hulu. Saving me big $$$$$$$

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It works! Posted by: geekguy from: on I must admit, I had my doubts about getting this antenna; however, it actually works pretty well. I was able to pick-up 53 digital channels. Placement makes a huge difference. At first I placed the antenna behind the TV, but I received about 10 more channels placing the antenna in a window. The channel quality is great. It was worth 30 dollars on sale.

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Easy Install Posted by: ahctexas from: on This antenna solved the problem for our guest room. It was easy to install, and works great. I placed it behind the TV, and reception is just fine. You don't even notice that it's there! Antenna to cut cable Posted by: JayB from: on This is a great TV antenna if you want to cut the cable. It was easy to set up and it draws in all the local signals. I would buy more of this model if I needed them.

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works great.don't miss the cable... Posted by: KingE from: on When my cable company jacked up the bill after yearly contract, I checked out reviews and bought this one. It took me a bit to set it up ( youtube video was more informative than their manual ). Once done, it picked up all of the basic cable channels and most with full-HD reception. I don't miss my cable anymore.

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