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December 17, 2021
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With the transition from analog to digital OTA (over-the-air) TV signals in Canada complete, TV antennas are making a big comeback. For those living in Toronto, the time has never been better to get an indoor TV antenna and watch free TV in HD. To help Torontonians (including students from Ryerson, U of T, and York) get started receiving free HD TV signals, we’ve put together some resources to clarify what free TV Channels are available as well as their signal reception.

What TV channels can I receive in Toronto/GTA?

Toronto is a hotbed for digital OTA television signals where both US and Canadian TV broadcasts can be received. Depending on your location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) this can mean receiving upwards of 35 channels. To find out what TV reception in your location is available simply plug your address into of TV reception from the Eaton Center is below, where 26 channels are within range. TV Fool presents both the available TV channels available as well as the direction of broadcast towers in relation to your location. Generally, all channel listings highlighted in green can be received with an indoor TV antenna.

where you can view individual stations broadcast area. The example below shows the broadcast range of City-TV (channel 57.1) – with the red area in the center indicating the location of the broadcast tower.

What TV Stations can I watch?

Toronto/GTA is in a perfect location to receive free off-air digital HDTV programming including various US and Canadian networks. hosts the Toronto & Buffalo Area OTA HDTV Channel Map online forum. This site provides an overview of all the Toronto and Buffalo TV stations available as well as detailed TV station information including the reception of each.

What TV Shows can I watch?

Have a look at the list we compiled of the Top TV Programs and TV Specials available for FREE over-the-air. You will be surprised to learn that 80%of the Top 10 Regularly Scheduled Network TV Programs and 70% of the Top 10 Specials In Canada in 2011-2012 were available from Canadian broadcast TV networks. researchgate rtve
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