Best Buy digital TV Antennas

September 6, 2022
Indoor HDTV Antenna Black

Great Alternative to Paying Cable Provider! Posted by: HappyCamperInNC from: North Carolina on I owned one of these and gave it to a friend; ended up buying one for myself so I could get rid of the monthly "converter box" fee being charged by my provider. It will pay for itself in no time. And it is so easy to install. After running a scan with my TV remote, I picked up 40 channels with no problem!

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Works great in our high rise... Posted by: mikenm258 from: Houston, TX on We live in a Houston galleria-area high rise and purchased this antenna as a replacement for cable. The connected coax cable plugs right into your tv and less than two minutes from opening the box we had 67 channels (14 of which are both English-speaking and HD). I am very impressed with the picture, which is completely clear and legitimate HD quality. We have a 46" Samsung 8500 series and the channels look identical to the picture we had from cable. I had no idea an antenna this cheap and easy to set up could give me exactly the same picture I got from HD cable. Our antenna is set up in an exterior room and is more than 20 floors up. I did not have to place the antenna by a window or tilt/adjust it in anyway. I literally just plugged it in out of the box and got clear HD while the antenna was sitting on the floor. I don't know if this product works differently at ground level or further away from the loop, but for us it has been awesome.

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Spotty reception Posted by: jcollier3rd from: Bowie, MD on I bought this antenna based on some of the reviews I read online and the price I was willing to pay for a HD antenna. Installation was as simple as screwing the video cable in back of the TV. My TV has an auto signal search like most do these days and I was excited to see I had 16 channels I would be able to watch for free!!! Watching them proved to be the big letdown. At first great HD channels Movie like picture and then… pixilation, screen freeze, and poor sound tracking. This thing lost more channels than the Nationals last season without Stephen Strasburg! I tried repositioning the antenna for better reception but the thing will not hold a signal. I took it back to BestBuy and they returned it with no problems.

11 out of 11 found this review helpful.

Excellent! Posted by: MDD1976 from: on This antenna picks up over 120 local channels. Some that I didn't know existed but caught my attention! Great deal!

So far so good Posted by: PrairieHawk from: Moorhead, MN on I bought this antenna so I can get rid of my expensive cable. I thought the antenna was a little spendy but it's still less than a month's cable service. Setup was easy; I had to experiment a bit with the best positioning, but now I am pulling in all my local channels. Here on the Great Plains the transmitters are considerably farther away than they are in more populated areas; my NBC transmitter is 45 miles out. I'm watching NBC right now, on a windy day (which often causes problems with reception), and there is no blockiness or breaking up of the picture. So far I am very satisfied with my purchase. BTW, on my box it says this model has a peak gain of 4.5 dBi.

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