Off air Antennas

July 12, 2021
3 Why install off-air antennas

A new generation of off-air antennas can seamlessly deliver high-quality signals from local TV broadcasters directly to your DIRECTV System with just a push of your remote control button. Which antenna is right for you? Consider the options below.

Omni/semi-directional, UHF/VHF antenna
This antenna is ideal for consumers who live between two or more television transmitting stations because of its ability to pick up signals from different directions. Its compact size allows the antennato be conveniently disguised behind a satellite dish.

Omnidirectional, UHF/VHF antenna
This saucer-shaped antenna, the latest breed of new generation off-air antennas, mounts easily on the roof and picks up most television signals in a 360-degree radius. The antenna's compact size allows it to be hidden almost out of sight.

Directional UHF/VHF antenna (traditional rooftop antenna)
A UHF/VHF antenna will provide the best performance of all antenna types. Although it is relatively larger than most of the new generation off-air antennas, it will work well at much greater distances from the television station.

Getting the Best Signal Strength
When you install your off-air antenna, consider the direction/location of the signal from the antenna, the distance of the antenna from the signal location, obstructions such as mountains and tall buildings, and your home's building material.

You may also be able to strengthen your television reception with accessories like external amplifiers or ghost cancellers, or by simply replacing the old cable that connects the antenna to your television.

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