Best off air antenna for HDTV

August 30, 2022
Te test run at home in the

This must be the BEST HD Digital (Terrestrial) off-Air antenna in the world, at least it's the best one I have tried so far (20 ish) I recently tried one of the top of the range YAGGI type antennas and this one works MUCH MUCH BETTER.

I can't say much about what's inside (or those things sticking out the sides) at this time as I have this model from a leading antenna manufacturer for evaluation, R+D and testing only.

But the moment I hooked it up I noticed a HUGE increase in signal on the regular off-air digital channels coming from our local tower/s

But that's not good enough for me. I went to DTV.Gov and entered my zip code. The reception maps showed exactly what direction to point the antenna, what channels I can expect to get and even more detailed info on the transmitter itself. Time to do some off-air DX'ing!

I am picking up channels (for the first time) from as far away as St. Cloud, Rochester, towns in WI. not to mention the regular channels as above mentioned that are through the roof.

I recognize some of the new channels from FTA satellite but there are one or two that I have never seen before, great the more (Digital / HD ) Channels the BETTER!

I tried to get the antenna as HIGH as possible as you can see from the video. FTA Satellite and now FTA Off-Air Digital / HD, So many channels for free why would you EVER want to pay for TV again!

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